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The Artech Culture

Artech's success has and will always come from the vitality and productivity of its employees. The company's individual and cooperative endeavors are crucial to the ongoing health of the organization. The sum of Artech employees' efforts makes up The Artech Culture.

Client First

At Artech, the client comes first. All planning, service delivery and performance measurements begin and end with the attention to detail necessary to make Artech a Top Supplier to its clients. It is everyone's responsibility to assure customer satisfaction! From the moment we answer the telephone to our rapport during service delivery or issue resolution, each interaction with the client must elevate their experience with us.

The Artech employee must always ask how we can best serve our clients and how we want them to perceive us. This is critical not only to short-term customer satisfaction but long-term relationships.

  • Superior Service Delivery = The Key to Growth

Operational Excellence

We best serve our clients by adhering to and executing superior processes. Artech employees are dedicated to operational excellence as part of a client-centric mindset that assures consistent execution and establishes an outcome that is:

  • Measurable, Repeatable & Predictable

Operational excellence begins with the planning, the processes, and the metrics developed at the organizational level, but it is the effectiveness of the individual that produces execution excellence.

Achieving Every Day

The Artech slogan makes a clear statement: all Artech employees achieve on a daily basis. This is the elemental requirement of consistent execution excellence and performance.

As tools and support to achieve every day, Artech employees have the following:

  • Intrapreneurial Spirit There is no doubt about it, Artech employees have an extremely strong intrapreneurial spirit. It is this spirit that compels us to act above and beyond what is just necessary. Intrapreneurs are alert, courageous, creative and energetic thinkers. Artech employees embrace ownership of responsibilities and come to work every day with confidence in our ability to best support our clients by directly applying our knowledge and energy. We know that client-centric decisions based on operational excellence are likely to reap winning results.
  • Freedom to Innovate Artech employees exercise that most powerful intrapreneurial skill innovation in order to serve our clients. Innovation is valued for its power to solve issues but can contribute to the development of new processes that pre-empt complications and add value to our clients' operations.
  • Unlimited Potential Artech employees define success by stating that we must be a Top Supplier for our clients; therefore, we must all be top performers. We strive beyond the usual success factors because we know our abilities are boundless. And we each have the desire to surpass typical expectations, and continuously strive to achieve our unlimited potential.

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