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QMS Initiatives

Artech's initiatives ensure that we remain market-driven, client-focused, and quality-conscious from the moment it identifies a viable opportunity to the moment it achieves complete client satisfaction. Artech's quality initiatives are focused on five essential points:

  • Customer Outreach
  • Product Quality
  • Staff Development
  • Fiscal Responsibility
  • Administrative Efficiency

With process improvement being a continuous process, Artech has an internal Quality Assurance team that measures and monitors all process compliance. This group, like an external auditor, audits all other internal groups against their approved quality processes. These are designed and approved by our Software Engineering Process Group (SEPG). Results are measured and weighed against approved standards and areas of improvements are suggested.

QMS Action Areas

With certified ISO 9001 development facilities, Artech continuously strives to excel in the following key areas:

Staff Selection, Development & Retention

  • Focusing on key people
  • Inspiring and visibly rewarding excellence
  • Rewarding and retaining proven performers

Resource Management

  • Maintaining prudent and ethical business practices
  • Maximizing internal resources
  • Minimizing operational risks


  • Creating a living and substantive business plan
  • Reporting progress against the plan
  • Revising the plan in step with circumstance

Key Metrics

  • Identifying key metrics for major business activities
  • Using these key metrics to frame sound management decisions


  • Pursuing targeted opportunities aggressively
  • Developing world-class proposals
  • Meeting marketing goals

Team Building & Communication

  • Functioning as a cohesive team
  • Ensuring all decisions are made in the best interest of the corporation as a whole

Customer Relations

  • Adopting client commitments and objectives as our own
  • Fostering partnership relationships with clients


  • Completing products
  • Timely deliverables
  • Installing finished systems


  • Understanding one's role as a member of a large, interdependent system
  • Empathizing and giving others what they need to get the job done every day

Integrity, Standards & Recognition

  • Inspiring others to excellence through personal integrity

Process Improvement

  • Institutionalizing best practices
  • Eliminating practices that no longer serve their purpose

QMS Subgroups

SEPG: Software Engineering Process Group has been set-up with the objective of development, review and release of QMS elements (procedures, standards, guidelines, records, checklists, etc.) provide training on QMS, review of defect prevention, technology forecasting and adaptation activities at Artech India.

SC: Steering Committee forms the SEPG, which comprises resources from different functions. The SC reviews SEPG activities to ensure that the organization's standard processes are in line with its business goals, advises on setting priorities for process improvement activities and reviews the process improvement plans.

QAG: Quality Assurance Group verifies the corrective action taken by auditees against NCRs (Non Conformance Reports). It also escalates NCRs to the senior management for review during the steering committee meetings.

PWG: Process Work Group is nominated by SEPG. The objective of this group is to review the specific elements of QMS, against the review criteria defined by SEPG.

TFG: Technology Focus Group is nominated by SEPG. The objective of this group is to develop/evaluate new technology, including tools for a new technology area identified by Artech India for its business needs or for improving the performance of its existing operations.

MG: Metric Group is nominated by SEPG. The objective of this group is to provide definition of measurement, a framework for collecting measurements and methods for analysis. These measurements are used as a basis for estimation to track project progress and to set quantitative goals for future use.

SQAG: Software Quality Assurance Group provides management with appropriate visibility into the process being used and product being built.

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