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PM Methodology

Artech's Project Management Methodology is intended to promote the delivery of quality products that meet customers' needs and results in projects that are completed on time and within budget. The objective of the methodology is to provide standard methods and guidelines to ensure that projects are conducted in a disciplined, well-managed, and consistent manner. The methodology recognizes that the correct approach to effective project management is good planning and efficient controls implemented through a well-structured project organization.

Artech's Project Management Methodology has been derived from proven techniques "Best Practices" developed through years of experience and industry standards put forth by the Project Management Institute® (PMI). Driven by our aspiration to adopt Software Engineering Institute management standards, Artech's Project Management Methodology has been designed to comply with software Capability Maturity Model (SW-CMM®) Level 4 goals. Blending the latest technologies with the best industry standards, our Project Management Methodology has been designed with Client and Quality as our primary focus areas.

The methodology is flexible, incorporating the changing needs of the client as well as predicting future changes based on industry trends. Artech believes the key ingredient to its success is customer involvement in the entire project-life cycle. Artech maintains an open-ended approach to its solution while using industry standard tools and methodologies to achieve best results. It is critical that the client is aware of every aspect of the project. To ensure this, Artech proposes a project team, which includes client managers as well as members of the users group.

Artech's internal Software Engineering Process Group (SEPG) is involved in continuous process improvement and process risk management. Along with our Quality Assurance (QA) group, our project management process entails developing a knowledge repository and feedback from various projects to enhance understanding of project peculiarities, risks and standards. The SEPG conducts internal knowledge transfer sessions to derive the best practices from various groups and enhance its understanding of the various modules of the project management process. Artech advises its clients on current industry standards and practices enabling revision of existing standards to align with current trends. In order to provide flexibility, Artech will be willing to include client standards and guidelines, as part of the project process. Our risk management process and quality management standards will take these requirements into account in their assessment and reports.

Click here to view the pdf version of Artech's Project Management Methodology (pdf).

Development Model

Artech's Quality Management System provides an overall guidance to all software services provided by Artech.

Artech's SDLC Methodology

For all projects requiring custom application development, Artech uses its proprietary Software Development Lifecycle Methodology. The methodology is based on industry standards and Artech's own experience of managing software development projects over the last 20 years.

Artech's Maintenance Methodology

For all projects requiring support on maintenance and enhancements to an existing application, Artech uses its proprietary Software Maintenance Methodology. The methodology is based on IT Infrastructure Library standards and Artech's own experience of providing software maintenance support. The focus is on reducing the software maintenance costs by setting up streamlined processes and ensuring proper implementation by monitoring and measuring critical maintenance metrics.

Artech's Testing Methodology

Artech uses its testing methodology on all projects that exclusively require Artech's testing services or require testing as part of the full lifecycle development service.

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